Gamblit aiming at Millenials.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLast year Spielo was the new kid in town, or to be more accurate on the casino floor. IGT bought them out.In some cases the Spielo games replaced by IGT games.
This year the recent G2E highlighted Gamblit, a company based in Glendale a few miles North of Dodger Stadium.Darian Lowenstein,CMO, admits he doesn’t play slot machines and is not targeting his games at the Bingo ladies rather the new Millenials. These are the people you see sitting by the pool expertly switching from twitter to Facebook whilst playing dots.|
I am not one of them but my favorite game at the G2E was a Texas Hold Em meets snap game that,by day3,I was unbeaten at. The flat table game would be a sensation in the hallway of the WSOP.Up to four players receive two cards then cards are turned over from a deck. However, whichever player grabs the card first adds it to his five card poker hand.The snap element.So if you have trip kings and see your opponent has aces you want to claim the next ace out even though it doesn’t improve your hand. I took on a steady stream at the G2E,people who worked on cruise liners to casual gamers and everyone loved it.The part I didn’t like was,in the video Darian says the operators can take out as much as 20%.Buy in for a hundred and you and an equal would both be broke pretty quick.
Will Gamblit will be swallowed up by Scientific Gaming or IGT before next years G2E ? It depends on whether the owners are in it for the money or the thrill of the game.

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