Leave your poker ego at home

peter-costa-karina-jettI strongly feel some players should have a reality check when it comes to their poker ability.
I have been a horse racing fan for far longer than I have been interested in poker so pardon the comparisons.
If I owned a horse that had the ability to win $5k races why would I run in a Breeders Cup race where it would have next to no chance of winning? My ego of course.
Yet I notice players who have never won a tournament in my decade in the business playing the WSOP at the Rio everyday.
The same tournaments,with lower buy ins, are running all over Vegas but without the live media coverage.
I chatted with Randy Holland,a mid/high stakes player in L.A. and he had played in and won the Omaha8 at Binions.No ego.Congratulations.Karina Jett was playing the stud event at the GN today.Karina will go anywhere,even Oregon,if she senses weak opposition.Congratulations.
I have noticed that at the WSOP this year even the $1500 events are loaded with household names.Look at the $1500 HORSE final table.
Mike Timex McDonald,David Levi, Mike Wattel and a Crown Melbourne player.Men Nguyen,Erik Seidel and Todd Brunson played and lost.
The same tournament at Binions or the GN doesn’t have more than three players I can name; Karina, Susie Isaacs and Jon Turner.
Leave your ego at home and give your confidence a boost by moving away from the WSOP events.

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