Commerce loses race for customers

The Commerce was the first casino to try and steal the Asian players away from the many Indian casinos. A staggering number of the,mostly Chinese SGV residents take daily coach trips to the casino. The casino usually offers free play approx double the bus fare. Thus a $20 ride offers $35-$40 in free play.

I used the Commerce bus during poker tournaments but found the staff rude and unwilling. The Bike monitored the situation before buying their own vehicle,a brand new 40 seater.

Nothing exciting happened until the smaller Los Angeles casinos joined in.First Normandie and then a dying Crystal casino dipped their toes in the water.To attract customers to the small casinos they had to be a little more generous than the big two. Normandie offered a buffet.To begin the buffet included suckling pig and lobster. Soon it was replaced by fried noodles and rice.

So we had four casinos offering nothing of monetary significance.Basically you went to the casino where you felt the luckiest or liked the staff.(Crystal have the friendliest dealers but I couldn’t win a dime there for some reason).Normandie was by far the worst casino I have ever visited.Rude overworked staff and floorpeople better suited to the County jail.The Bicycle is always nice to visit so clean and usually I will bump into a player I can call a friend.

This week a casino war erupted.First Normandie offered an extra $25 chip.Then Crystal made their chips live meaning if you win the chip stays in action.Out of nowhere the Bicycle suddenly offered $60 in chips up from $10.

I have used the term Chinese senior flash mob as the grinders move from casino to casino.

Somehow the Commerce has been completely left out of the action.I suspect that this giant elephant is run like a city hall with monthly meetings. So the Commerce bus drives around all day with zero passengers when the arrival of the other shuttles is greeted with something that sounds like “Layla” to my ears.Maybe it is Mandarin for Moolah.

The casino that has most impressed me is Crystal casino.It really was in a poor state two months ago and I am pleased to see the turnaround.I would even recommend the hotel to L.A. visitors when it reopens as the location next to a blue line train station,freeway exits and with a Ross,McDonalds,Target and Best Buy  sharing the same parking cannot be beat.

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  1. steve says:

    HollywoodPark has joined in the action with $50 freeplay & a free meal.The casino closes at the end of the year so this play surprised me.

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