Final Nine at the MegaMillions

The FT of the MegaMillions is less than two hours away.For as little as $125 one of the nine will drive home with $200k. One of the nine,Peter Hengsakul,already has a six figure score on his db.The rest have just a smattering of small buy in cashes.The most prolific is Phong Nguyen,aka Turbo.However, Turbo is the shortstack with 30 bb.Nika futterman adds a touch of Hollywood to the FT as she is listed as an actress,comedian specialising in voiceovers on video games.She is also the only representative of the fairer sex at the table.

1) Anon 12.9m 2) Yun Fan 12.8m 3) Victor Morange 10.5m 4) Sarkis Keshishian 6.8m 5) Andy Miramontes 6m 6) Nika Futterman 5.7m 7) Rick Martinez 5.3m 8) Peter Hengsakul 3.99m 9) Turbo Nguyen 2.7m

Andrew Miramontes emerged victorius with an impressive FT from Phong Nguyen,def one to watch out for during the $1500 WSOP events.

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