No free lunch but a free shuttle to Commerce

Both the Commerce casino and Hollywood Park casino have started a free shuttle service from, the Chinese/Vietnamese populated, San Gabriel valley area. In these times of $4 gas the convenient service is a godsend (or Devilsend). The shuttle to the Commerce departs Valley/San Gabriel at 6:30pm and leaves the Commerce at 10:40pm. The shuttle to HPC leave at 10am and returns at 3pm.

The move comes as the Indian casinos, particularly San Manuel, continue to attract large numbers of Asian gamblers by offering daily shuttles from the same area.

A spokesperson for the Bicycle casino told me they were closely monitoring the situation.

I used the shuttle to the Commerce during the LAPC and I cannot find anything negative to write about it.

The Commerce has closed the buffet to the public, staff still eat there though. Blizzberry has also closed as has Stakes. The latter has been replaced with a franchise restaurant the Manhattan bakery. The desserts are so huge that only scam artist Robert Turner has managed to eat a whole one by himself.

After all the euphoria of Matt Savage becoming TD last year this year seemed to be a little flat. One reason was the Commerce openly opposing online poker which has been debated on poker forums elsewhere. The other problem, which is where the Commerce management should direct their attention, is the deduction from winnings of non CA residents of 9%. The day I was there Canadian Owen Crowe had over $13k deducted from his $37k winnings. The Europeans didn’t bother to deplane on their return from the Crown in Melbourne.

I played the Media Event and was shocked that Matt + Sam took the evening off and nobody welcomed the players. No LAPC shirts or caps were offered to final table players as has been the norm in past years. Shirley Rosario and Max Shapiro won seats into the WPT invitational in the event.


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