Bay 101 increases field size

The racing at Golden Gate may suffer from micro fieldsĀ  but Matt Savages annual Bay101 tournament has increased its field size by almost 25% this year over last. 415 players entered,or were invited as bounties, to play.The winner will pick up a cheque for $1m. Surinder Sunar ,obviously not a horse racing fan , flew over from England .

Bay 101 owners son Chris Trapani edged out German Joris Springael for the honour of being Day1 chip leader. This is traditionally worth $10k. Vanna Tea won the honour last year.

The results are now in:

1) Alan Sternberg $1m
2) Steve Kelly $595k
3) Mike Matusow $370k
4) Vivek Rajkumar $296k
5) Casey McCarrel $222k
6) Mike Sexton $148k


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