It feels like Wednesday

So I made my way down to theĀ  Bike expecting the final table of the $50k guarantee only to find the Day1 of the evening tournament.It feels like a Wednesday to me the way my week has unfolded.The week is in Turbo mode.

Only six qualifiers from the Noon part of the guarantee,which had a pool of $11k, causing the TD to make some phone calls. The six were : Albertin Hernandez, Ying Tsai,Gyorg Kovak, Marc Robinson,Eugene Chun and A Mazmanian.

The evening has a pool of $39k so the ulcers were unnecessary.Not so in the Fontana room at the Bellagio as only thirteen played the PLO with rebuys. The event used to be a draw to the Europeans but they are all drawing on Moroccan cigs at the WPT in Marakkesh this year.The evening qualifiers were: Jeremy Yap, Brian Bumpas, Men Tu, Ken Mettox, Weng Zhang, Mostafa J, Robert Glass, Jacob Weiss, Kevork Kosakjian and Eddie Slacx.

1) Eddie Slack $16k
2) Ken Mattox $8k
3) Mark Robinson $4k
4) Brian Bumpas $3k
5) Albertin Hernandez $2.4k

One advantage the Bike has over the Bellagio is that you can buy a soup + sandwich for $2.50.One disadvantage is the sad sight of Eskimo Clark trying to find a backer in a $50 buy in.

The Omaha8 tournie here yesterday lost the casino $5.5k which was a great deal for the players who all left with a jacket and holding an entry into the 2-11 tournie.Lap Wan won the $8k first prize with Robert Durant fourth and Marshall Ragir 11th.


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  1. john claycomb says:

    God, what a pathetic site Eskimo Clark is. Now he has $4k to blow within a week as he sold his Razz WSOP bracelet on Ebay. Last Bike tournament I was at he was trying to sell a watch to Miami John for $250. Makes poker players look like degenerates. One week he wins $23k and two weeks later asking to be staked.

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