HoHo the end is near

First of all “Get well soon” to post op Scott Diamond who has helped keep this blog alive. Happy birthday to Warren Karp, a fellow Sagi.

I decided the Bike would be busier today than tomorrow when just the final four tables of the ME merge.Also they always have FoxSoccer on in the coffee shop,Legends.

Today was the $60 2-11 game that is similar to Omaha high but with four communal cards rather than five. The prettiest dealer has taken well to the game .She was born lucky and replaces Sara Chau as the prettiest Viet in Long beach!(No Sara backlash she moved to Florida.)

The winner was,wearing a Morongo jersey, Mariano Forcadela.No  previous HendonMob entries for him so maybe the new game,exclusive to the Bike,is his saviour.Up and Coming Bike regular Raul Bravo was second.

As soon as the players reached the money they decided to chop.Not sure if they were mentally tired but the money wasn’t a factor with first place being paid $1100 and $100 for the first few ITM players.

So no final table for me to observe.Also someone must have requested a channel change in Legends.Then after tipping the cost of a meal the waitress said she had not wanted to disturb Mo in his office to sign the comp so I had to pay for it as he had left. So I am now out of pocket for working!

Some good news.The NAPT tour will return to the Bike in March. Not sure it will be great news for the Bike as the ME will be at the beginning which will be closest to the end of the WPT at the Commerce.

Day1b qualifiers include Kwinsee Twan,Huy Quach, Zuhair Ismael (600k) and Jose Mendosa.

The Day1a results are in. Arcadia’s Shan Jing is the chip leader with 771k. It is likely a challenge will emerge from todays pack of  330 .The first prize will be $70k

The final results.

1) Ron Jenkins $70k
2) Amir Ghazvinian $34k
3) Guy Rahamin $17k
4) Phong Nguyen $11k
5) Mike Quick $9k
6) Igor Zektser $6750
7) Marc Sousa $5.6k
8) Shan Jing $4.5k
9) Robert Durant $3.3k

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  1. john claycomb says:

    time for you to get back to work its poker season in LA!

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