NAPT stretches the media ranks.

With four NAPT events today the media ranks have been stretched between Compton and Bell Gardens. The decider was who had the best food.The last time I was in Compton Max Pescatori called me as he wanted someone to go to Los Alamitos with him.He was going to pick me up in his Hummer. When I told him where he was he told me to take a taxi!

Jeff Madsen looks like he slashed his wrists.I told a floor to take a closer look and was informed it was a rubber than all twelve year olds are wearing.Way to be mature Madsen.Then he kicked over his chair when eliminated.The winner was Ted Jivkov,

The HORSE final table is as follows:

35 Entries First place $17k

Fabio de Francesco
Jeff Madsen
Mike Chow
Jeremiah de Greef
Ab Edusma (a local)
Ted Jivkov
Ted Znonowich

The $1k NLHE NAPT FT is :

68 entries First place $29k

Mike Mocco 131k
Jon Dull 120k
Mo Mussali 74k
Paul Lee 71k
Gladys Landegger 66k
Mike Telker 65k
Tiffany Michelle 47k
Zach Donovan 39k

I was watching Dan Heimiller trying to work his short stack into the FTOPS Omaha8.He folded Ac238c which he could have played HU as he was ten places out of the money.

Mike Mocco,obviously part of the PartyPoker internet qualifiers, keeps telling his friends all the hands when they check on him with sentances such as “I three bet him utg, then check shoved otr.” The other players are finding his chatter and refusal to strike a deal annoying.

Tiffany Michelle out in sixth place for $3.3k in the $1k.When I stated ,the obvious,that it was her second ft in four days she replied, “Yes it is a pity no writers are here to cover it.” Not sure if she was joking!

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