Matusow on Page One.

Mike the Mouth Matusow may be eating Tofurkey this Thanksgiving. He appears to have hooked up with beautiful Canadian MILF,model Vegan, Annie Le Page.Who says he isn’t running good? With Vanna Tea in NoCal and Sara Chau in Fla Julie Tran is one of few “Hot Asians” to be playing tournaments these days. So I was pleased to see Julie made Day2 of the Commerce ME. Even better news, she doubled up against chip leader Jae Bahn when her pocket jacks became trips and Bahn missed his nut flush. As I write 47 players remain with 36 being paid.First place is $178k. Food options are pretty limited at the Commerce.Stakes has closed as has Blizzberry and the dreadful tinned food buffet. Guess I have to take a trip elsewhere to eat. While they are just waiting to pay the players at the Commerce the real nail biting is at the Bike. Another sixty are playing the $200k guarantee. If you want to play at 6pm they have announced another $500 tournie where players will win a package to the Pokerstars Caribbean adventure.Only fourteen entered this last minute addition.I suspect Pokerstars donated the seat as a goodwill gesture to the Bike.

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2 Comments to “Matusow on Page One.”

  1. john claycomb says:

    no chick is worth giving up meat. On that note, have a great Thanksgiving in America and wont see you on Wedneday (HORSE)if you are at the Bike. Thanksgiving the next day and with family.

  2. Steve says:

    She might save his life.Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours John.That is two omaha events you have missed this month.

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