Live from the cozy Bike

A cold wind outside but the heat is on in the Events Center with two final tables in action. First to finish was the NLHE $10k guarantee.A one day tournie with Jacky Lee going for back to back but out in third.

The shoeshiners are out in force tonight.Almost three tables of them. Maybe the end of the month,the cold weather or a soft touch at the final table.They seem to be targetting Steven Goldman.

Event #7
1) Alfonz Kela $6k
2) Nick Phoenix $3k
3) Jacky Lee $1380
4) Gene Willson $1k

The Quantum tournament with a first prize of $35k is still nine handed.

Tenth was Turbo Nguyen and other familiar names are Sirous B and Giou Luong

1) Mike Nia $30k
2) Steven Goldman $17k
3) Jason Looney $8.7k
4)Gioi Luong  $5.5k
5) Nick Banyas $4.4k
6) Tom Adler $3.3k
Monday is the Omaha8 for $120 which includes a $60 entry into the 2-11 tournie.This is a fun tournie game similar to Omaha high with a two card flop..

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