HoHo in Bell Gardens

On a chilly day in L.A. Bike staff breathed a sigh of relief as the first of the HoHo tournament guarantees was reached by $2k!

The final day was played out fast. As we reached the final nine blinds were at 40k-80k with average stack 1.1m.673 players entered and first place will be $30k.

Results as follows:

Jacky Lee 1st $30k
Bruce Lee 2nd tie
Ed Ayrapetyan 2nd tie
Melik Bagdasaryan 2nd tie
Thu Nguyen 5th $4090
Robert Rodriquez 6th $3170
Bruce Robinson 7th $2270
Mo Shamol 8th $1820
Robert King 9th $1370

The HORSE tournie attracted 77 which was a couple of grand short of the guarantee but decent considering it is Thanksgiving Eve.The roads are packed around the Bike but my trip to Morongo today was pretty straightforward traffic wise.

HORSE results:
1)Not Robert Turner
2)Jose Mendoza $3.4k
3) Tim Pong $1800

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