Holiday season at the Bike

Not exactly gifts from the Gods but the Bike had two overlay tournaments on Sunday. The smaller one gave a $15k pokerstars package away with an entry pool of $9.5k.The big one was the $545 buy in with an overlay of more than $40k.

The players returned for the final day at 6pm. By the time I left only six players had been eliminated in four hours.

First place is exactly $66k.

This will conclude the NAPT tournament.The HoHo tournament has already started though and will run until Dec 12th.

There are two incredibly cute petite Cambodian dealers working the afternoon shift. (Photo in the gallery)

Results for the $545 buy in:

Thanh Luong $66k
Jendrik Faulhaber $33k
Andy Goetsch $17k
Farzin Akhtar $13k
Ed Pairavi $10k
Albertin Hernandez $7.7k

A very good days work by Andy Goetsch,who resembles Tom Schneider, who was the s/s with 44k at the start of play.Overnight leaders Pedram Sooferi and Eli Strickland finished 11th and 16th. Thanh Luong’s friend Kwinsee Tran won the L.A. poker open at the Commerce.

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