Bike becomes Mo creative

Under the guidance of Mo Fathipour the HoHo tournie schedule is really a groundbreaker. Two examples: Today;s tournament cost $100 to enter at Noon but $160 at 8pm .However, the 8pm players receive 16k in chips compared to 12k at Noon. It might be a major talking point if the Bellagio was trying this.The event attracted 516 entries which would appear to be successful. I forgot to mention the tournie had a guarantee of $100k which was probably something the locals could comprehend.

560 entered on Saturday. This means they will be playing for a first prize of $35k on Sunday.Interesting to learn than 301 of yesterdays 516 entered at the $100 stage between noon and 2pm.

On Monday the $120 Omaha8 tournie players receive a free entry into Event23 a $60 value and a Bike jacket,value to be determined. I saw a LAPC final table player leather jacket today ,in a Goodwill store, for $25.

Live Omaha players who play 10 hours between 29th Nov and 11th Dec will receive a $60 cash voucher.

The Bike is just by the freeway exit on Florence Ave in Bell Gardens.

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