$5k players playing like Nooners

The line at the payout counter was similar to the line at a bus stop when the previous bus broke down. Maybe Pokerstars had organised a whale watching trip for their qualifiers .

Jessica Welman was back on media row after her fifth place finish in the LIPS tournament yesterday.Her knowledge of online players is far greater than mine so she probably knows a lot more of these players than I do. Jason Mercier and Anh Nguyen are the only Pokerstars pros left.

I saw Jose Canseco playing a $35 tournie in Coachella on Sunday. Today Jennifer Tilly placed her empty Starbucks next to my laptop.I told her to sign it and I would try to sell it on Ebay. She was playing the six handed while waiting for Phil Laak to put in the last of his chips in the ME.

As you can see from the photos we are seeing some monster stacks now, until they colour up.

Just as the Bike were contemplating hiring more food servers such was the demand from media row the action has been moved to Crystal Park casino in Compton. This is because of a contract with the WPT that prohibits filming of poker tournaments by rival networks.This will be on ESPN.The final eight are (I have had a feeling Jason Mercier would win this since Day1):

Chris DeMaci 6.2m
Jason Mercier 3.8m
Ray Henson 3.2m
Jake Toole 1.9m
Joe Tehan 1.9m
Michael Binger 1.6m
Anh Nguyen 1m
Al Grimes 1m

Liz Hagensack won the LIPS event yesyerday although Jessica Welman fifth informed me that there was a chop.

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