Meanwhile at the Bike

While I may have gone all Hollywood for spending Saturday night at Nancy Cartwrights Northridge residence,the grinders down in Bell Garden where out in force.768 players tried to turn $225 into $65614.Only one player could achieve that and he was James Goldstein. The Bikes Big Poker October runs until the 9th with two tournaments a day at Noon and six pm.

1) James Goldstein $65k
2) Kevin Prendergast $33.5k
3) Manolo Garcia $16k
4) Eugene Chun $12k
5) Sharif Elbayoumy $9k
6) Steve Applebaum $7k
7) Eric Aude $5k
8) Oleg Stolyar $4k
9) Jerry Gerstal $3k

Event #16 $30k guarantee(prize pool $38k)

1)Greg Hubbard $13k
2) Mike Lien $6.6k
3) Turbo Nguyen $3k

Event #17 $10k guarantee (prize pool $17k)

1) Rocky Le $6k
2) Josh Ganet $3k
3) John Pekenon $1k

Event #18 $30k guarantee Prize pool $35k

1) Erkan Osbek $12k
2) Richard Munro $6k
3) Scott Jay $2.8k


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