Monday at the Legends

Yesterday the Bike Legends of Poker had its first two winners: Murdock Schelechi and Estrella Baltazar didn’t battle to the death.It was surprising the event was heads up before a deal was agreed. Murdock took the glory.Murdock is from San Clemente and the pre deal $130k first place is far superior to his previous best cash of $1460 at Oceanside.

Estrella is a popular Filipino .She has a job but is a regular at Commerce and Bike tournaments.

1) Murdock Schelechi 130k
2) Estrella Baltazar $60k
3) Jora Beit $31k
4) Raffi King $24k

The turbo field included Jerry Buss and Frank Mariani .The winner was Harout Borsikian who is 21 yrs young and was playing in his first live tournie.

1) Harout Borsikian $17k
2) Jacky Lee $8.7k
3) Jose Bolinao $4k

Last years TD Jay Siegel is assisting Matt Snodgrass in writing final table reports.Food is now available inside the Events center.Mines a veggie Piroski.

Tonights shootout final table included Josh Siegel . 110 players entered and the other players joining Josh were Super Mario, Ira Gharibian, Bruce Lee, Neng Lee, Tom Fitzpatrick, Mike Marquez, Jack Taylor, Farrell Hinkle, Jesse Rios and Henrik Antanesian.Neng Lee was the winner.

1) Neng Lee $8.5k
2) Mike Marquez $4k
3) Bruce Lee $2k
4) Farrell Hinkle $1.5k
5) Tro Gharibian$1.2k

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