Legends is off and running.

The 2010 Legends of Poker is underway. The first event is strictly a Bike locals affair.The Legends may not show until the ME in a month.328 entered Day1a,346 1b, of the $300 NLHE with a $400k guarantee. With two more day1’s including a Friday and Saturday evening the guarantee should be met. Where is the gamble? $500k would be better. Where has the Media event disappeared to?

With all that said this will be the only place for independant updates on the events.

The final is on Sunday and the following will be there with at least 100k in chips:

Brian Markenson 437k
Chris Dunn 396k
Amir Kacem 375k
Raffi King 371k
Men Shelechi 293k

Ben Tang 345k
Seymour Ogeare 272k
Gary Simmon 270k
Blaine Goodwin 255k
Brian Beadle 245k
David Sanchez 234k
Jim Uyloan 221k
Shai Malka 219k
Nadar Modabber 204k
Eric Dam 198k
Sarkis Semerdjian 189k
Gary Reynolds 186k
Gary Asku 174k
Roland Suer 173k
Paul Kozusko 171k
Shav Pirijanian 170k
Huu Nguyen 164k
Florencia Roa 162k
Huy Lam 160k
Estrella Baltazar 156k
TJ Western 153k
Thi Tran 144k
Shu Zhao 136k
Ramsi Srour 132k
Peter Carrilo 128k
Aaron Kweskin 123k
Jim Vallejos 120k
Jim Sileo 118k
Jeff McCardle 110k
Andy Chen 100k


5 Comments to “Legends is off and running.”

  1. SCOTT DIAMOND says:

    I was surprised myself to hear there was no media event. It is where I had my start in the “Poker World” in 2006 at the Legends Media Event. I think Frankie Odell took the pro side down and almost turned it into a ME win taking second.

    Last year they changed the format and made it a Celebrity – Media event which I almost won losing to Annie Duke, in years past the last pro won a seat into the ME and the last amateur won 5k half going to his favorite charity but they changed it to 5k winner take all.

    It was a Great event for the Bike and Legends real disappointed to see it go.

  2. Steve says:

    Business isn’t what it used to be in L.A.Blame the economy or the Indian casinos. The Bike did lay off dealers during the WSOP but I hoped they were going to make a real effort to restore this tournament to its former glory.
    Waiting for a reply from KellyO.I know she must be disappointed to lose the Media Event.

  3. SCOTT DIAMOND says:

    I wonder if someone there read my thread on 2+2 about food service and satellite. They both have improved by leaps and bounds!

  4. Steve says:

    What section of 2+2. NVG or MTT?

  5. SCOTT DIAMOND says:

    Brick and Mortar

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