Freeroll time at the Bike

The last tournament ME finished on Monday (no results available,I believe because Greg is probably taking a couple of well earned days off).The Star + Stripes begins tomorrow (no tournie on the 4th). Inbetween the Bicycle Club held a $50k freeroll for cash players yesterday and a $10k freeroll for giving your email to today. I was one of over 300 playing tonight. Some estimates thought 1000 was possible. I was surprised by the structure. Players started with between 3k-6k,depending on if you had played on their free poker site. I have not as it isn’t mac friendly. Blinds started at 25-25 with thirty minute rounds.A good way to attract new players.

Robert Turner missed out . He must have better opportunities to shoeshine in Vegas.Still waiting on a, non rubber. check.

The Bike is making a big effort to make the Legends of Poker a major success. PartyPoker are sending online qualifiers.The search for a big name,well connected, TD is underway. In any event the atmosphere there is much improved from a year ago.If Matt Savage accepts the job he will have to move to the Caymen Islands.

Friday and Saturday the Bike has a re entry $50k guarantee tournie at 6pm. The final is on Monday evening at 7pm. L.D. Gray won nearly $10k in event#1 of the Star + Stripes.442 paid the $80 entry fee.

Friday also sees the return of World Cup action. The finalists will not be asked to return in November. The winners will be from South America or Europe unless Ghana shocks the world.

My poker hero Julian Gardner, who unlike me has a real Manchester accent, added $91k to his lifetime winnings with sixth place in the $5k PLO. Two HendonMob players Joe Beevers and Ross Boatman also cashed.

Not much love for Shannon Elizabeth when it was announced she has signed with CarbonPoker. Everyone in my house has heard of Shannon. None of us has heard of Carbon b4 so good publicity. She loves poker and is pretty approachable. Certainly pretty!playforfree

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2 Comments to “Freeroll time at the Bike”

  1. John Claycomb says:

    Savage cant do the Legends this year as he signed with Hard Rock in Vegas for their August tourney. As for your friend Robert, he “burned” his chips in the HORSE tourney and was out in the bottom 3. Sometimes aggressiveness gets you in trouble.

  2. Steve says:

    Not to mention conflict of interest with the Commerce.

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