Very brief poker news

The richest man in poker, Matt Savage, just added another six figure job to his resume.Matt Savage will be assuming a role of executive tour director. Will be interesting to see how warm a welcome he receives at the Bellagio and especially the Bike who are the main L.A. competition for Matts Commerce casino.This sees Matt working for Mike O’Malley who will be representing the WPT owners PartyGaming.Matt has embraced new ways of communication such as Twitter better than his fellow TD’s.

The Bike will be sending five players to the WSOP .If you would like to go the fun starts at 6pm Thursday and the buy in is $1k unless you qualified through the steps programme.

Woods in lead. Not Tiger but Englands Darren who is having the game of his life in the $10k LHE.Worth missing summer in his hometown of Cleethorpes.

Even with my vote and another bracelet on his wrist Men the Master missed the cut for the WSOP tournament of Champions.Mike O'Malley

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3 Comments to “Very brief poker news”

  1. SCOTT DIAMOND says:

    Thank goodness your new found friend and Brandons daddy did not get voted in. I would of gone on Poker hiatus if he did. Sorry B no re-votes.

    I would vote for Robert Turner b4 I voted for the small asian guy all day every day!!!

    Robert may be on Poker hiatus for ever very soon though!

  2. John Claycomb says:

    I spotted Robert at the $230 Stud Hi/Lo at Golden nugget last week. Not sure if he monied but he was still playing when I got knocked out in 35th place (13 paid). So much love for Chipburner. If you guys had it your way, he would be named Robert “moneyburner” Turner. Good gossip (as it should) here to read.

  3. Steve says:

    I bet he is pestering Men for a buy in. The Nugget is very nice place these days,absolutely no competition from the other slums downtown.

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