The road to the WSOP starts at the Bike

Johan Ramirez told Chris Ferguson recently he would see him at the WSOP. Today Johan, warmed up with a third in a $100 buy in $57k prize pool event at the Bike in Bell. On Thursday Johan, the other half of Lizette Acoba, will attempt to be one of five players the Bike are sending to the WSOP ME through a step programme series.Johan, from Columbia, arrived late but cannot use the WorldCup as an excuse as his country failed to qualify. Apparently, he had been at the bedside of one of his children who become ill after swimming.

Thirty six players returned at 4pm with Ron Saxe the chip leader. Three hours later the Saxe player was still playing the pied piper as the final ten were established.His chip stack had risen from 373k to $1.1m.

He was joined by Johan, Mike Chambers, Chris Geluz, Derek Ites, Randy Ornelas, Dennis Reynolds, Larry Aldrich and Tong Le.

615 players entered suggesting Mo is being conservative with his guarantees at the moment.

1) Derek Ites $17k
2) Ron Saxe $8.7k
3) Larry Aldrich $4.6k
4) Tong Le $3k
5) Johan Ramirez $2.4k (1 months rent in OC)
6) Chris Galuz $1.8k
7) Randy Ornelas $1.5k
8) Mike Chambers $1.2k
9) Dennis Reynolds $1k

Two of my readers in the first three of the Stud8 tournament:

1) Alan Hosseini (not a reader) $2k
2) Marshall Ragir $1.1k
3) John Claycomb $600

Tomorrow the action continues with Omaha8 at 3pm and a $100 Deepstack at 6pm.


7 Comments to “The road to the WSOP starts at the Bike”

  1. Yup, Yup! I won my seat in to Step 4 last night and will be at Table 2, Seat 5 on Thursday…

  2. Johan says:

    OK, deal was offered, I took $4,350 (“two months rent”), LOL

  3. SCOTT DIAMOND says:

    Thats why I live in Fontana $4350.00 2 1/2 months rent and the water bill too!

  4. John Claycomb says:

    u live in Fontucky for NASCAR, raisin’ chickens and roosters and making homemade moon shine. Water bill? U have a well in your backyard.

  5. Steve says:

    I have come face to ugly face with skunks, racoons + possums on my evening walks.I still prefer them to Robert Turner though!

  6. SCOTT DIAMOND says:

    Naw no well, we educated funtuckians out here now.

    Kinda funny you say that, I have a water well in the front yard for decoration… :)

  7. Steve says:

    Maratana here

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