Poker + Basketball at the Bike

Most of L.A. was a ghost town tonight as everyone watched the Lakers lose to the Celtics. However, the Events center at the BikeĀ  was busy although most of those present paid as much attention to the TV screens as their cards.

It was final day of the $100 with a $60k guarantee. The 4pm start time was in response to the previous weekend when Saturday players barely had time to visit Marshalls/Ross across Eastern before restarting.

On the 17th the Bike will hold a tournament that will send at least five players to the WSOP ME.The buy in is $1k although cheaper options are available through satellites one of which was played tonight.

FYI John Claycomb: 60 entered the LHE on Monday with Jason Harrison winning the $1800 first prize.

Le Hao , last Sundays winner, was still in contention with two tables remaining. With Deputy Scott Diamond on property I had to return home before dusk. JoKing.Actor Chauncey Leopardi was at the FT. Alex Outhred was still in contention but was short stacked.

1) Vincent Grignon $27.4k
2) Andy Lambo $13k
3) Phuoc Nguyen $6.4k
4) Chauncey Leopardi $4.7k
5) Hao Le $3.8k
6) Cliff Smith $3k

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