Bike TD alive in TD

Clever headline for 2:30am! The Bike’s tournament director, Mo Fathipour, is alive in the WSOP triple draw. He is due back on duty at the Bike tomorrow evening at 6pm taking charge of a $50 buy in (with a $20k guarantee.)

First prize is $180k although Mo has a lot of work to do before bringing home a bracelet. He will have a lot of work to do on his return with the tournament running until the 28th June.

Warren Lust,at Party Poker, has informed us that 81000 players qualified for the WSOP for life promotion in the first week.This is a contest where the winner will receive a seat in the ME for life. 90 year old Dirty Wally(photo) is the PartyPoker pick…

Nice to see my friend Neil Channing through to the final table of the $5k shootout. I am not sure if he is still staking Praz Banzi.If so Neil should book a flight home on Friday and he would have had a very profitable week in Vegas .wally + Mo

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