Men “the Buddist” Master wins my vote

Voting is underway for the WSOP tournament of champions. I have seen most poker players at work and play and have decided to vote for Men Nguyen.Men finds it hard to lose his reputation and doesn’t receive the publicity his talent deserves.

I have seen what a generous man he is,not only to fellow Vietnamese. Twice I have attended dinners at the American Legion near the Bike in Bell Gardens where Men invited everyone to have dinner on him .Following dinner he organised a poker tournament to raise money for the struggling Legion. All his family attended as well as David Pham, Lou Diamond Phillips + Vanna Tea.

He kept WTP (or WTF as Ftrain renamed it) frontman Robert Turner alive by entering him in tournaments as well as new Hawaiian Gardens TD Warren Karp.

Men is very grateful for being able to live in America, a country he arrived in with just a pair of hands he informed me recently.He hasn’t forgotten those left behind in S.Vietnam and sends food and supplies over regularly. In fact, if he plays in this tournament, 20% of money won will be heading there. His donations has improved the lives of many Vietnamese.

This is a poker event though so just to remind you Men has multiple cashes at every WSOP since 1988. He cashed six times in both 1995 and 2003.He has 65 WSOP cashes. Men has bracelets in Ace to five triple draw,2 in stud, Omaha8, LHE, Stud8. Notice, no bracelet yet in NLHEĀ  but that doesn’t mean “tne Master” is to be taken lightly in these events.

With those results he should be a shoo in for this tournaments and deserves a place in the Poker Hall of Fame.

Go to to vote.Men + Lou cut the cake


4 Comments to “Men “the Buddist” Master wins my vote”

  1. SCOTT DIAMOND says:

    OMG….Brandon got to you! How could you write such rubbish!

    Do you really want to know the true story about “Men” Brandons Daddy?

    I wait all day for you to post an article and this, this, propaganda is what you post!

    Im seriously going to have to rethink the Bus pass thing now. Maybe your new found IDOL can get you a deal with one of those Bandit Vietnamese taxi’s he finances.

  2. Steve says:

    He left the meter off when he drove me to the We’reTotallyPotless tournie in Vegas.

  3. brandon says:

    Some people really need to grow up and get a life! How are you Mr. Hall? Hope all is good!!!

  4. SCOTT DIAMOND says:

    wow the Security guard has spoken again. reminds me of the movie recently :)

    Ill probably be banned from Commerce now :)

    Steve I have a new foundation I am starting, Will let you know more about it in the coming weeks

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