Could Ben Nguyen again?

Today was the Day2 of the $200 buy in $100k guarantee at the Americas Poker Classic at the Bike. Ben Nguyen who won the Deep Stack as easily as Zenyatta won at Oaklawn was again two racks full. Many of L.A. best Viets are in contention for the $36k first prize. Paul Chauderson,Jason Nguyen, Binh Le, Hung Le, A Nguyen, David Yoon, Huy Pham, Jay Hong + one of the Commerce floorstaff will be making sure Ben doesn’t have it so easy this time.

Jay Siegel reminds me that the Hollywood Park “Sport of Kings” tournament open next week.As a bribe he offered to try and comp me an afternoon at the races before the evening tournaments. Maybe I should have reminded John Claycomb that the Bike had a LHE tournament this afternoon as he was a no show.Maybe he played the HORSE yesterday which was won by Lee Fazio. Lee won $3500 from the other 99 entries. My friend Marshall Ragir finished 8th for a small profit.

Over in Vegas James Van Alstyne, who has the best music taste of all the poker players, won the PLO rebuy.Only 23 entries so the buffet line must be very short.

The results are in: 78 entered the LHE and Ernesto Gonzalez won $3k.Joseph Ochoa won the 5pm NLHE event.It was a repeat in the Guarantee but for Manolo not Ben.

1) Manolo Garcia $36k
2) Jeff Clayton $17k
3) Kamran K $9k
4) Scott Willoughby$6k
5) Huy Pham $5k
11) George Kozel $1.5k
14) Ben Nguyen $1k


3 Comments to “Could Ben Nguyen again?”

  1. John Claycomb says:

    Sorry Steve, but baseball season is upon us and I have two youngins that played today. Family before a $100 buy in. Dont see anything that interest me until May…..and hopefully no tournies (with 2 days) during my kids games! My dream is limit games on a weekend….pipe dream I know.

  2. Steve says:

    I am going through rice pudding cold turkey

  3. John Claycomb says:

    I believe it will be May 9th and 10th that you will be getting your rice pudding(if you actually stick around for dinner break). Limit and HORSE back to back days and hope Limit has only 99 players so it is done in one day.

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