Ben Nguyen all Smiles at the Bike

The Jerry Buss charity event  relegated the final of the DeepStack  at the Bike to the main room next to a Pan game that must have left Palms Springs senior centre empty. Not a problem for the promising Ben Nguyen who made short work of the 27 who returned from the day1 of the 647 entries. Ben returned with 522k whereas Robert Schneider who also made the FT  only returned with 21k. Beautiful Qing Yasui was second.

$100 Deepstack NLHE 647 entries

1) Benjamin Nguyen 19k
2) Qing Yasui 9.5k
3) George Wilson 5k.
4) Yi Cheng 3k
5) Edward Liu 2.5k

Speaking of beautiful, Shannon Elizabeth, who hasn’t  aged one day in the four years I first saw her in the flesh (yes the day I saw “American Pie” on TV) played the charity tournament.This good be a good spot for her. Jose Canseco was the other star in attendance. I didn’t see either partaking of the buffet that was included with the buy in. This was no stale donuts buffet. Salmon, chile rellenos, pasta and the ever present chocolate dipped strawberries. Three Laker girls attended, and watched both of their bosses Frank + Jerry play for Laker tickets and memoribilia. John Hennigan and David Daneshgar were probably trying a little harder for the prizes. The tournament was the Smile Train benefit .

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