Bellagio replaces quantity with quality

No need to bring in the “rent a crowd” for tomorrows WPT final at the Bellagio.(Look at the audience when the Commerce airs.Ipods,text messaging anything but watch the poker). The small field has the desired end result. Today’s play was from ten to six but the media planning an afternoon by the pool before cruising the Strip,complete with WPT media badge, were left frustrated. Even the buffet had called last orders in the time it took to eliminate Scotty Nguyen, Phil Hellmuth, Nikolay Evdakov and Johnny Bax.

That leaves David Benyamine and David Williams both with 4.7m.The Frenchman is officially chip leader as he has lived with Erica Schoenberg whereas Williams has only sucked some whores toes.Third is Eric Baldwin, showing us that 2009 wasn’t a fluke. Billy Baxter, from Jack McClellands generation, has 2.4m. Shawn Buchanan,who has been near the chip lead from Day1 has 1.9m and Irelands John O’Shea will be looking to avenge his countries defeat by the French in the World Cup qualifier with just 1.2mJohn O'Shea


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