WPT event on schedule

As the Bike “Winnin of the Green” commences with $225 buy in $100k guarantee (which they made) the WPT cruised along passing its target of 27 players without threatening to ruin anyones dinner plans. Both my selections Chris Moore and Brett Richey bit the dust today.I officially give up trying to predict the winner.

Vanna Tea came to say goodbye although she was very tempted to play at the Bike tonight.

The new WPT interviewer Jacque gets a thumbs up from me.Very down to earth , a la Kristy Arnett, was first to work today and doesn’t seem about to throw a diva fit anytime soon.

Chip counts:

Carlos Mortensen 1.6m
Mark Newhouse 1.3m
Ray Dolan 1.2m
Masa Kagawa 1.1m
Andras Koroknai 1m
Tri Huynh 942k
Dan Martin 684k
JC Moussa 672k
Steve Sung 671k
Jim Casement 609k
Tim Begley 603k
Gevork Kasabyan 594k
Jamie Brown 552k
MariLou Morelli 456k
Dylan Linde 447k
Bob Kairnes 421k
Johnny Chan 406k
Danny Fuhs 379k
Mike Kamran 327k
Connor Allison 324k
Annie Duke 241k
John Cautela 219k

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  1. MariLou is still in and I am so proud of her. She has become a good friend over the years and has supported the Fallen Heroes at every event. I am going to have to ask her to wear the EH patch today.

    Also Steve your read about the new WPT hostess Jacque is RIGHT on. She has a fantastic personality and has a TON of knowledge about the game. I was able to talk with her for quite some time the past few days.

    WPT did Good!

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