Joe Whalen memorial tournament

If you are in L.A. this weekend please attend the Joe Whalen memorial tournament at Hollywood Park on Saturday April 3rd. Joe was like a Father figure to me and by coincidence this was my Fathers birthday.

The tournament buy in is, a very affordable, $30.  The casino nor the organisers ,John Hayes and Robert Turner, are not taking any money out from the buy ins. 50% will be returned into the prize pool and 50% will go to help his nearest and dearest pay for the last few months of hospital care and funeral expenses.

The shuffle up and deal is at 3pm.Whether Joe will be watching over the tournament or the Santa Anita Derby is open to debate.

Joe knew everyone from Jerry Buss to the guys that lived on the bus. Lets all show up on Saturday afternoon to show how much we appreciated having Joe Whalen in our life.Dirty Wally + Joe


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  1. ill be there…What Time????

  2. sarah morton says:

    Thank you all for doing this for Joe and my mom. He was a good man who taught all of us something about life.

  3. Steve says:

    What time can u b there? Old joke… 3pm

  4. I get off of work at 1pm and ill head over there then. I may be taking some time off of work again. My leg and foot are having some swelling issues. Just waiting to hear back from my attorney.

    Also we had to tighten up our belts around here lately. A few money issues have popped up in family and everyone comes to me. Some are serious and have to help them kids they are always coming home when they need something!!!

  5. Kimberly Lee Morton says:

    This is so amazing that people would pull together. It means so much to my family. I know my mom thanks all of you.
    See you on Saturday.

  6. Steve says:

    I have been asking about him everyday.It is a pity that he didn’t want us to know he was sick.
    This is a bad date (Easter, big guarantee at the Bike, another charity event) . I am sure given time we can plan something bigger. Very nice of Hollywood Park casino to step forward though.

  7. I have a donation from Mark Seif to give to the family, how do I get in touch with them

  8. Phillip Morton says:

    Hi Scott,

    That was a nice little tournament, thanks to all. you almost made it to the money.

    you can contact me by email ( and I can give you my Mom’s number.

    Thanks to everyone who came out.


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