Farewell to the Green

Saturday there was the $1m horseshoe pitch at Santa Anita  and the green fountain.Sunday the final day of the Winnin of the Green tournament at the Bike. I think I can put away my Irish green rugby shirt for another year.

A $50 bounty at the Bike tonight at 7pm. A good way to pass the evening while waiting to see who wins the $88k first prize from the ME. Chips leaders coming into the final day are as follows:

Chad Viall 488k
Eskimo Clark 348k
Ut Nguyen 300k

The results are here:

1) Gagik Zamcochyan $88k
2) Wadir Kaawar $43k
3) Eskimo Clark $23k
4) UT Nguyen $14k
5) Paul Darden $11k

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