Spelling bee champion needed

Tuesdays LHE only attracted 96 players so no watch and no FT to watch tomorrow. Results:

1) Nick Derke $15k
2) Martin Corpuz $8k
3) Joe Holmes $6k
5) Brent Courson $3.5k

I have learned to spell Nguyen without checking but to start the week with a final table that featured Raed Abukartomy 2nd, Sirous Baghchehsaraie 6th and Mohammed Bashalzadeh 7th has meĀ  wishing for a Matt Ho v Liz Lieu final in the LHE. The $545 NLHE event #13 was win #2 for Al Barbieri.

1) Al Barbieri $54700
2) Raed A $30k
3) Larry Gordon $20k
4) Sam Tong $14k
5) Paul Herrick $10k
6) Sirous B $8k
7) Mohammed B $6k
8) Mike Kamran $5k

Coincidence or not? Tomorrows $335 FT features two Nguyens Xuan and Peter.J.C. Lovejoy is the chip leader with 436k. First place will pay $34k.Results:

1) Amir Ghazvinian $34k
2) Xuan Nguyen $18k
3) Peter Nguyen $12k
4) Steve Naideth $9k
5) Kelvin Goode $6k
6) Daniel Dahan $5k


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