Party at the WPT

Day 2 of the Invitational,the Media who didn’t bust out yesterday,have moved on. Although I had to have a quick tour of the final three tables from one of the WPT staff to point out celebs they are there.There are a number of people in L.A. who make a good living from celebrity home games but anyone who has made it this far might send you from Hope St to Skid Row.Once again,little Ricki Lake has made Day2.Other celebs with some poker play in them are Kirk Acevedo,Marlon Wayans,David Zayas+Grant Heslov.Trishelle is a bit of a poker player, being sponsored by Absolute,a bit of a celeb having been one of the Real World crew who lived and played at the Palms Las Vegas.

For Gentlemen who prefer blondes table 15 seat 5 was the place to sit with Sarah Underwood to your right and Lacey Jones to the left.The girls outlived most of the guys occupying the seat unless Matt Savage was selling time share on the chair.

The final six, to return on 3rd March are:

Trish Cannatella,Thor Hansen,Steve Elliot,Sean Urban,Neev Baram and LeRon Washington.

The outing of Steve Lipscomb ,who I assume was a bit of a nit picker, has breathed new life into the WPT. I am not sure I will call the new CEO Obama as oneĀ  did this afternoon but the staff ,very few changes, seem more relaxed.

The media at the rival event, at the Venetian, have free rooms and $50 a day food credit. Just chop a zero off Matt Savages pay and the Commerce could match that offer.Good to see a return to those days. Lets hope Harrahs Rincon and Caesars offer something for the upcoming Heads Up at Caesars LV and WSOP circuit at Rincon.The dates for those events are March 4-7 for Vegas and March 18-31 for Rincon.

The Ironman event started at 4pm. Soon afterwards a muscle milk table was set up nearby. It that like steroids?Jennifer Tilly is hoping to take this one for the ladies.

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