Sara Chau on her way to second cash

As well as the long Limit final (see below) the Commerce hosted a $545 NLHE and a $335 Stud. The former attracted attractive Sara Chau who cashed in the first event and vegan cougar Annie Le Page. The latter the elusive Pete Lawson, Donna “Mrs Wong” and Mary Jones. No Jerry Buss who preferred a trip to the White House.

263 entered the NLHE and five tables survived until the dinner break.The buffet could eliminate a few more :

Final table NLHE $550                        Final table stud

1) Aaron Motoyama 188k                   1) Danny Noam 76k
2) Roland Weedon 165k                     2) Stepan Djan 60k
3) Alex Klisak 132k                              3) Saundra Taylor 42k
4) Jon Lactaoen 123k                          4) Randy Holland 39k
5) Matt Salsberg 122k                          5) Danny Robison 38k
6) Kent Kellholtz                                   6) Larry Kantor 37k
7) Nick Kollich 77k                                7) Mike Rocco 36k
8) Chad Thomson 60k                         8) Rob Shepp 33k
9) Kirk Conrad 43k
10) Kyle White 40k                                                                                                                      (

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