Countdown to LAPC 2010 best tournie so far

I should be resting in preparation for the marathon at the Commerce that begins with a $1m guarantee tournie and ends with a $25k High Roller event. The one I am looking forward to is the Media Event. The Invitational is an interesting evening and the WPT have just announced they have partnered with L.A. based charity Chrysalis .I must admit I thought it was the record company and I was looking forward to meeting members of Blondie, World Party or Robbie Williams.

Players who buy into the 10k ME before the 19th Feb will also be entered into the Invitational. That is some +Ev for Allen Kessler.

New events include a $1065 eight game mix, a $1585 chinese poker, $1065 badugi which should confuse dealers and media alike.

The strategy is to come early and if you win one stay late. Yarom Limor is in charge of the social dinners.

The LAPC runs from Wednesday Jan 20th to March 4th at the Commerce Casino on Telegraph Rd.

Not sure if Matt is going to Asia mid tournie for a working holiday….Comm at dusk


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