Dream Team has Dream Time

The 7pm Monday night Dream Team series at the Bike is now a Nooner so it will not conflict with the 7pm Ho Ho holdem. The alternative would have been for the Bike to schedule a Stud/Omaha/LHE tournie each Monday. Anyway , I was there today and although the field size had dropped to 87 from around 120 the casino was busy.

The Mega Powers were stars with a player at the FT plus a 12th. Good Fellas were the only challengers with a FT and 14th. The series leaders 1800 Bad Beat had a score of 35 with a 13th + 22nd.

Dream Team poker runs every Monday at the Bike in Bell Gardens until December 19th.


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  1. I agree Steve I was there Monday Night and was suprised both events were going on. The Bounty Tournament only had 353 players at $125.00 each.

    The prizepool almost makes it not worth playing after being in some of the Commerce Events.

    Play for 6 hours to make the money and it was only $110.00 for 36th place.

    It is good experience keeps one sharp for some of the upcoming tourneys and for guys like me, who love poker and cannot afford to go to the Bellagio right now it keeps us out of trouble at home!

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