4 Superbowl tickets to be won on Saturday courtesy DTP

Saturday sees the final event in the DTP series at the Bike in Bell. Regulars will start with more chips than first timers but good players should be able to overcome this handicap as even first timers receive 25k. New teams are expected as the $67 per player event has three Superbowl tickets for the winning team plus one for the individual winner. So it is quite poss for someone to win a pair of tickets for $67.

The event has been a welcome addition to the MNF party at the Bike which was struggling with the KLAC sports radio roadshow to attract a crowd to the casino.

Please remember you need to sign up for a Bicycle club card and with the DTP staff so arrive early. Yesterdays event started an hour late with only a handful of newcomers in the field of 93. Saturday should see over 200.

Yesterdays individual winner was Bebert Benhamo of LA Nutz but his team mates crapped out in 86 + 91. Get Sum easily won the team event with a third and ninth followed by Bail911, KLAC8 + LA Dream team who all had a score of 25.

After yesterday each member of 1800 BadBeat will receive an extra 12600 in chips. My KLAC 3 team would receive an extra 1k for the one tournie we played.

The event will be played in the spacious event center at the Bike. Starting time is 2pm but be there at 1pm if you need to register.TNTWooly hats optional.


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