Watching ESPN at Pechanga

My quest to visit all the casinos with poker rooms has taken me south to Pechanga in Temecula. Like San Manuel it is not on a reservation in the middle of nowhere.One minute you are passing Big Lots,then a school and there it is. Built more with energy saving features in mind than photogenic qualities which is good news as my camera battery is still plugged into the wall at home. Unlike San Manuel they haven’t built a huge bingo room instead opting to isolate the poker room away from the noise of the penny,yes they do exist here, slot machines.

One machine I have never seen before is a communal baccarat game. Each hand costs a quarter and they may have to have a list of players to call if and when a seat ever becomes available. I wonder if it is a coin toss or whether they deduct 5c from every winning bet?

The poker room is massive and thankfully non smoking. This must have dealt a blow to nearby Lake Elsinore poker room. The comparison would be the El Cortez to the Venetian.

The room spreads a 1=2 NLHE with a $40 buy in, 3=6 Omaha and occasionally $10=20 NLHE. 54 tables and a sofa where I am watching the rerun of the final table. I am especially happy to see an Everest player there albeit a French one.

The poker room also has some affordable tournies.Tonight was “bring a friend” evening. One player pays $25 your friend plays for free. This tournie has a $2k guarantee. Now I just need a friend or to be a friend :)

First time visitors receive a $10 food voucher. I tried the buffet and was surprised to find English trifle on the menu.

If you are driving from Vegas to San Diego you should plan on staying here. More fun than Motel6, more hot water than Lake Elsinore and a chance to win your ex’s back in the poker room or a quarter at a time on the baccarat machine!

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  1. Hi there, looks like you had a good time at our poker room and staying at our hotel. We appreciate the review and hope to see you again soon.

    Take care,

    Ryan Chartrand
    Social Media Strategist
    Pechanga Resort & Casino

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks Ryan. I bought a battery so I could add a couple of photos. Kudos to the slot manager,some interesting games .I will try to bring some friends down to play a poker tournament.

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