It is Sara Chau day at the Commerce

3:26am $220 NLHE Day1 1500 entries:

1) Hoon Ya LA 295k
2) Diana Korkis 248k

3) Pavel Klemena 197k
4) Kevin Hailer Seattle 183k
5) John Virtue LA 165k
6) Kevin Thong LA 151k
7) Willie Flores LA 139k

HORSE $335 132 entries

1) Yuval Bronhstein Ga 78k
2) Larry Tull Ca 56k
3) Pete Brownstein Az 37k
4) Tim Fu Ca 31k

1:15am Shootout results: 100 entries $335

1) Larry Ross $9504 2) Ali Manochehri $5328 3) Titan Leard $3744 4) Chris Tryba $2880 5) John Apikan $2160

Sara is out in tenth and I am home narrowly avoiding the raccoon family in the driveway. The shortstack Larry Israel pushed with pocket fours and was called by Ax.An ace hit the flop but Larry rivered a flush with one of his fours. Sara wasn’t in the hand but that river cost her $700 in prize money as she was the first to be eliminated.

10) Sara Chau 1292 9) Susan Miller $1909 8) Kwinsee Tran $2640 7) Sean Riley $3538 6) Jeff Scheibner $4717 5) Edgar M $5953 4) Atsuchi Kobayashi $7975 3) Larry Israel $11232 2) Jim Columbo $16848 1) Dong Xu $30721

Congrats to Matt + MaryAnne on their fifth anniversary.I  remember when Matt was the starry eyed puppy at Binions and MaryAnne was the cocktail waitress.

Happy Birthday to Sara on Saturday and Vanna Tea on Sunday. If Candy Girl has a bday this month then this is my compatible sign f’sure.


This may be a soft spot for Sara Chau to take home one of the modern trophies from the Commerce. Of course, along with Pokerati Dan, I have a soft spot for Sara the Dallas Viet cutie. She was our secret tip for WSOP fame and glory but she was distracted in Vegas and did not play many tournaments but did cash there. The final table has started after the following have been eliminated:

15) Kirk Conrad, 14) Jim Ferrel, 13) Pat Cullip 12) Jace Reiken 11) Andrew Le $1292

Sara lost a medium size pot when she ran into Atsushi’s pocket aces. If she wins this she will probably be at Sushi later.

In the FT seat redraw Sara drew seat three with chip leader Edgar in seat two. Chip counts:

Edgar Mirzakhanyan 215k, Kwinsse Tran 203k,Atsuschi 130k, Dong Xu 101k, Sara Chau 67k, Susan Miller 45k and Larry Israel 22k.

Todays six handed attracted 100 players. We now have the finals about to start. Chris Tryba is there again for the third time this week all different games. Other players C Georgiadis, R Pisano, J Apikan, Larry Gross, T Leard, H Antanesian, Jack Rosenfeldt and S Rassibi.

I have just read a good article about Joe Sebok in the latest Bluff. I also learned that UB is now Mac compatable. As I used to be quite the elimination blackjack player I downloaded to find Russ Hamilton dealing blackjack. He can do the three card trick with 6,7,8 in any order. Pity Annie Duke and Hellmuth have been so reluctant to address the sites problems.

Sara Edgar + Pat

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7 Comments to “It is Sara Chau day at the Commerce”

  1. brandon says:

    steve, what exactly did the “pocker aces” beat…oh my bad it should be “pocket aces”…please fix this asap or i may have to start calling you a donkey

  2. danm says:

    steve is definitely a blogger donkey.

    you know i want sara to do well, but i don’t want her to know i’m watching until she gets deeper. she’s got her work cut out for her, but she doesn’t need any added pressure right now.

    she’s been at a handful of final tables. she can do it.

    keep us posted though … if she can make the final 5 in 3rd chip position or better, i think she will win.

  3. Steve says:

    Donkey = Hard working animal, rewarded with carrots.

  4. Sara Chau says:

    you guys are so silly.. but yah…i will hit it one day… soon…i mean..i cant run that bad all of the time..

  5. John Claycomb says:

    So steve, I can pay you in carrots instead of carrot cake? I will bring it tomorrow if that is the case. Ironically i am playing HORSE!

  6. Steve says:

    A Sara Chau like article will cost you both organic carrots and carrot cake,John.

    Good luck, should be a small field (less than 100 unless Jerry Buss puts all the railbirds in.}

  7. Steve looked for you last night to get those King Tickets…I won a 40.00 satellite and then bought into the Super with a lammer and won my seat into the main event friday I have to figure how to get the day off :)

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