Guarantees + bounties bring players in…

$1k NLHE 50 entries

1) Brian Brubaker $16500
2) T Manukyan $9k
3) Phuong Nguyen $6.8k
4) Ted Jivkov $4.8k

$335 stud 36 entries

1) Alan Miskin $5k
2) Dave Vukman $2.6k
3) Lance Brukman $1.5k
4) Tom Stenvig $1k

As you can see from the results the Commerce has been quiet for the last couple of days. The Heads Up today could not get close to the usual 128 so was capped at 64.This double elimination is a lot of work for Asst TD Sam Quinto.

Out of nowhere the players arrived at 5pm. A $335 bounty with a $100k guarantee. Audley Harrison,the English boxer, was here after a winning fight in London.Sara Chau + Para Gill put in a shift while Patrick McMillan played both.Over 400 played.By 7pm only 240 were still playing.

Tomorrow should be quiet again with a $545 six handed at 2pm and a $1k at 5pm.

Then on Thursday the fun returns with a little get together with Annie Duke and her brother, as Howard Lederer was reduced to at San Manuel, maybe Penn Jillette (luckily the Commerce has no neighbours he can wake up) and Scott Ian who is a friend of Liv Boeree. Stakes is the intimate meeting place for the presentation by Annie and the red carpet. The action moves upstairs at 8pm for a $330 tournament. Everyone will take something home as pro charity event organiser Lisa Wheeler has put together a goodie bag and Annie has lots of UB swag to give away. As well as prizes for the final nine , including a seat in the WPT invitational, special prizes will be given : for aces cracked, for celebrity bounties and for the last woman standing. Thats it I am shaving my legs and borrowing a dress off Kristy Arnett.

The LAPC schedule is available.Event #1 is $335 with a million guarantee.

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3 Comments to “Guarantees + bounties bring players in…”

  1. Sara Chau says:

    only two bounties.. boooooo

  2. Steve says:

    Thats a nice look btw.I kept the serious photo as the colours are truer.

  3. 2 goals bounce off the Kings goalie and they lose ..was an exciting game though, thanks Steve

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