Confusion at the Commerce

Only if I don’t paragraph then you will be confused. Today saw 54 return for the Day2 of the$250k  guarantee. It was also Day2 of the HORSE tournie and Day1 of a $100 rebuy and 4335 stud. So I will paragraph.

The Guarantee started first and is the most valuable with over $72k to the winner. Joe Tehan , the most famous of the survivors has gone in 28th and Yarom Limor’s brother nursed his shortstack into 38th. 18 players remain as I write. The Bell Garden Nguyen’s unleased another player on the world, Luam, a very pretty one! Day 1a leader Kevin Hailer has been eliminated in 26th.The final ten are on a one hour dinner break. The chip leader has 1.2m.
1)  Josh Birenbaum $72k
2) Henry So $38k
3) Ho Yoon $20k
4) Diana Korkis $16k
5) Pavel Klemenor $12k
6) Kaveh Raffi $9.7k
7) Dipak Bhakta $7k
8) Chris McFarland $5k
9) James Sileo $3.6k

The $100 rebuy had 390 entries and can be left alone to the end of the day. Marcel Sebag was back from Israel and the event also attracted a perfect ten. (allowing for the fact my photos usually deduct two points)SGV Shan Jin and Paul Chanderson look to be the chip leaders.

The stud has a 5pm “shuffle up and deal”. Looks like they are preparing only six tables and Jerry Buss is not here today.

The HORSE commenced at 4:30pm with Yarom’s friend Yuval the chip leader. Wing Wong and Eric Wong have been eliminated proving that two Wongs don’t make a right. A deal was made between Yuval,Marco + Jason.

HORSE $335 132 entries

1) Yuval Bronshtein
2) Marco Kodor
3) Jason Walsh
4) Peter Brownstein
5) Tim Fu
6) Larry Tull
7) Kevin Lusk


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