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Thank you to Sam Quinto, asst TD, for keeping me updated on the L.A. poker open. I like the modern logo btw.

One day she is polishing floors the next she is building a chip stack taller than her diminutive frame. That is our Sara.The bad news is the chip leader is to her left.The good news he doesn’t have any tournament cashes on database. Tomorrows final line up for the $330:

1) Edgar Mirzakhanyan 231k seat6
2) Jim Colombo 167k seat1
3) Sara Chau 142k seat5
4) Dong Xu 104k
5) Kwinsee Tran 93k
6) A Kobayashi 73k seat9
7) Kirk Conrad 52k seat4
8) Sean Riley 50k seat3
9) Pat Cullip 25k seat7
10) Jeff Scheibner 22k seat8

Congrats to Charlie Ng for holding onto his chip lead to win the Six handed.
After being eliminated from the Omaha8, in fifth place, Chris Tryba bought into the stud8.Degenerate,compulsive behaviour? Maybe but stud8 tournaments are not an everyday thing. Especially when the opposition is Davidson Matthew or is it Matthew D?Only joking as the Toronto native is now 2-2 at the open. Chris won,Matthew was second and my mate Marshall Ragir was fifth.

Scott Diamond must be banging his drum elsewhere as he hasn’t commented on his FT appearance here. I wonder if he tipped Brandon? Scott finished ninth in the $220 NLHE.

Merri Perry’s friend Charlie Ng is the chip leader at tomorrows six handed final.Actually, the FT will be seven handed.

Stud8 $300+ 81 entries

1) Chris Tryba $8.6k
2) Davidson Matthew $4.6k
3) Moe Jazayeri $3.1k
4) David Blakely $2.2k
5) Marshall Ragir $1.7k
charlie ng 2
$220 NLHE 209 entries

1) Gabriel Torres $11.5k
2) Mike Hulse $6.3k
3) Jeff Minster $3.4k

$220 Six handed 186 entries

1) Charlie Ng 150k
2) Warren Woodall 147k
3) F Omelas 97k
4) Carlos Morales 90k
5) Kevin King 43k
6) Mike Leah 24k
7) Joe Tushnet 10k

4 Comments to “Commerce update”

  1. Tip Brandon…why? I took so many hits on bad beats it was amazing I made the FT. First hand the guy with 230,00 chips raised as he did almost every hand last night. I should of went after him more often but I had NO cards after my AK lost to J9 for 40k chips because he was POT committed (Gabriel Torres)

    Anyway he raises first hand I have AA shove all 27,000 in no one calls pick up 13k..

    Later He raises again on the button I have AK clubs in SB shove my 38,000 and BB Gabriel calls with JJ after thinking for 5 minutes..I am out 9th..

    Chip leader as I knew he would loses all his chips and takes third because he chased another players AA to river and hit his gut shot straight or he would of been out 5th

    tonite was even worse in the 335.00 I hit a set of fives on flop he bets 600 I bet 1500 he goes all in shows AdAs runner runner spade knocks me out in first level

    I have a curse on me someone needs to give me a the poker gods address so I can go arrest them

  2. Steve says:

    I need some fresh faces at the Ft’s otherwise I can just write from home and save me the hassle of East L.A.
    I still have two Kings tickets for the 18th. I heard Lacey Jones likes hockey.

  3. I told you I would go to the game… the same people are making Final tables Steve?

  4. Steve says:

    Chris Tryba three times, Davidson Matthew twice, Dong Xu twice.

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