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The ME of the L.A. poker open exceeded most estimates, although the Supers yesterday helped enormously. 286 entered 27 will finish in the money. 55 survived Day1. Three women (Estrella,Lisa + Melissa) and three from Diamond Bar (Nik Gera, Para Gill + Akrim Ali) are in the 55. First prize is $160,900.

1) Steve Phung 200k


The money approaches, as does dinner. Melissa Hayden gave it her best grind but finished in 29th .Her AcQc was called by pocket sixes.He flopped a FH. With four hearts on board it would have been a beat had Melissa made a flush. That left Joe Tehan’s g/f Lisa Nomura as the last woman .

Biggest losers: Bobby Suel 109k > 0, Nikhil Gera 67k > 0 Brian Patrick 134k >

Biggest gainers: Oddie Dardon 11k > Giou Luong 22k>James Gorham37>

It certainly looks like the prize money will be staying in L.A.

Final Table:
Seat 1 Louis Laxineta 217k
Seat 2 Thanh Luong 613k
Seat3 Said Elsonafiri 120k
Seat 4 Akram Ali 144k
Seat 5 Jeff Clayton 354k
Seat 6 Sal Rassibi 187k
Seat 7 James Gorham 702k
Seat 8 Brian Udo 220k
Seat 9 Steve Phung 299k


Bad decision by Matt Savage IMO.He is staying in house at the Crowne Plaza with his wife and son so he decided to bring the FT forward to Noon. All the players are from L.A. so had to commute in.

The Commerce has reduced the guarantees on its weekend tournies.Friday is now $30k (from $50k) Sat $20k and Sunday $10k.

1) Jeff Clayton $118k
2) Thanh Luong $113k
3) Said Elsonafiri $78k

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  1. If Pokerstars gives you money for your site you should tell them to have a better site and stop allowing the worst hands to come from behind with runner runner on a daily basis to win

    They feel if one continues to deposit money they will give them bad beats.

    It is incredible the hours I have played there and in tournaments have lost to the most incredible turns and rivers and poker player has seen.

    I am not whining here Steve it is actual truthe I flop as straight tonite Deep in an event with 1st place being 5,000 big stack bets and I re-raise and he goes all in he has 7-3 i have a 9 high straight he catches runner runner for a full house…tell me he called with middle pair and wins because PS gives certain players the cards. How else did he become a big stack with play like that.

    The UIGEA strts next week. It is going to hurt a lot of players. But we can compete with these crazy europeans anyway. They do not care about 27.50 tournaments. they will just log on to another and donk their way through it.

    Do not support sites who do not care Steve.

  2. Steve says:

    Shouldn’t you be playing on your buddy Seboks site? I have never had any experience of Pstars as I have a Mac.

  3. LOL…Buddy…..Seboks site……..You Brits are a barrell of laughs

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