Audley has a poker KO punch

British boxer Audley Harrison made the FT Sunday in the Event #2 of the HoHo hold em series, at the Bike, in Bell Gardens. The event started on Friday with a Day1a. Players were not allowed to re enter, the $75k guarantee,on Day1b. 117 players returned on Sunday afternoon with Nick Ronyecz(200k) leading the race towards the $29k first place prize. Audley was nicely placed with 173k.It only took three hours to reach a final ten. From that I can tell you the following:

10) Christopher Crockett
9) Brian Bumpas
8) James Hanna
7) Javier Rodriquez
6) Tuyen Nguyen
5) Noel Castro
4) Tong Le
3) Audley Harrison
2) Mo Fathipour
1) Raffi King

Noel Castro, Mo Fathipour and Audley all had over $1m in chips. The sub 1m players were Tong Le, Raffi King and Young Song.

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  1. brandon says:

    Ah, our ll friend Marionette found her way back to PokerGossip…

  2. Steve says:

    Yes no Jessica yet :( I give the Commerce a little wave as I pass by Atlantic/Telegraph.

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