The Center that Bart built.

I have always been more interested in the Charity poker events. Not from a charitable viewpoint, these events have proved to be the only way to make money for some poker insiders. Not from a poker viewpoint: once the rebuy period was over and done with twenty tables shrank to four in the time it took me to eat my peach cobbler dessert.

It is interesting to see how the poker pros fare against random play. To see which celebrities have embraced the poker fad and to practice my red carpet survival skills. Afterall, it must be a lucrative gig if you work for AP or Wire.

Although Arcadia to Northridge looked a daunting task on a map it was short and uneventful drive. Maybe 6pm on a Saturday is when everyone is at home preparing for the night ahead. The reason for the drive was the annual Nancy Cartwright Monte Carlo evening to raise money, through PAL, to build a youth center for the “at risk” teens of Northridge.

The poker players who played : Jamie Gold, Mary Jones, Karina Jett, kristy Gazes, Marsha Waggoner, Barbara Enright and Max Shapiro.

The celebrities: Jose Canseco, Kirstie Alley, Nathan Osmond, Camryn Manheim and Patrick Cassidy.

The food was delicious. I suspect WholeFoods although I would love to be wrong. The sponsors Before + After mints, Pom, Rockstar + Everbodys Nuts.

The winners : Mark Eddleman, Mike Armstrong and Marina Baroco.

Nancy was a very good host and a bundle of energy. I also noticed that all the security and staff were invited in to eat which sums up the liberal vibe around the property. I only hope  the neighbors are as liberal,as the area was turned into a huge parking lot ,staffed by very L.A. chic valet parkers.

Karina Jett and Kristy Gazes looked great, Kirstie Alley knocked out Max Shapiro .

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