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Thanks to Sam Quinto in Aruba and the Bellagio for supplying results. If you are playing at the Big Poker October at the Bike ask them to send results to the poker media otherwise your wins will not appear on thehendonmob or cardplayer databases.

Dirty Wally has his photo in this weeks “Pasadena Independent.” The article ,by Terry Miller, states that 90 year old Wally credits his five young wives for keeping him young before zooming off in his brand new Lexus convertible. I base my fashion sense on Dirty Wally and still don’t have wife #1 under my belt. I do not come with a Lexus convertible though. The five wives didn’t stop Wally playing in the $50 and cashing in 72-781.

Bellagio $500 314 entries:

1) Anthony Reategui $45k
2) Stan Fulton
3) Jason Brice
4) Titan Leard
5) Alberto Sabogali
6) David Plastik
7) David “Bakes”

Bellagio $3k 31 entries:

1) Mark Dickstein $31k
2) Matt Lawrence $15k
3) Jason Brice $14k
4) Kaan Becer $18k
5) Bobby Suer $12k

Bike #7  $100 364 entries

1) Alfredo Pacheco $11.5k
2) Brian Myers $6k
3) Mike Jones $3k
4) Jon Kono $2k

Bellagio $2000 59 entries

1) Craig Rombough $51.5k
2) Dan Sandel $28.6k
3) Ryan Hughes $17k
4) Brian Kemp $11k
5) Luke Butch $5.7k

Bike #6 $50 buy in:

1) Brent Lee $11k
2) Donna Dao $5.7k
3) Saul Zayas $2.8k

Bike #5 $200 227 entries:

1) Mo Mogadam $16k
2) Alan Greinetz $8k
3) Bruce Russell $4k
4) Dong Xu $2.6k
5) Eugene Tito $2k
6) Alice Talbot $1.5k

Bike #4 $120 341 entries:

1) Tony Cawich $10.8k
2) Thung Huynh $5.5k
3) Ramil Mosquera $2.7k
4) Fong Quach $2k
16) Scott Diamond $265
17) Tony Grand $265
26) Robert Durant $250
36) Freddy Legaspi $230

Aruba: end of day2

1) Robert Mizrachi 353k
2) Jon Favaloro 255k
3) Ty Reiman 227k
4) Matt Ross 222k
5) Jim Mordue 208k
6) Jim Czarnecki 197k
7) Dave Perkins 191k
8) Eric Baldwin 166k
9) Max Caldwell 153k
53) Johan Storakers 50k
59) Gavin Smith 46k
64) Scott Ian 40k
69) Howard Tahoe 30k

Bellagio $1500 87 entries

1) Soheil Shamseddin $36k
2) Moto Mabuchi $27k
3) Aaron Lovinger $20k
4) Steve Shulman $20k
5) Jon Mazursky $8k
6) Mel Randolph $6k
7) Emeline Boich $4k
8) Sean Jazayeri $3k
9) Jim Wheeler $2.5kSoheil

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5 Comments to “Results page”

  1. I took 16th the other night Steve. Blinds go up way to fast later in tournament, poor structure I am to use to playing Matt’s tournies I guess.

    The Bike was chaotic also Greg is overwhelmed with the duties and no one else is verse enough to help him.

    Thanks for the pic…see you soon

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks Scott. The Welcome Center has just sent out all the results so hopefully someone,probably Kelley O, has tore them a new a#@hole.

    It is a tough job for one person.Matt has Sam, Bellagio,Jack has John/Thang.

    The $50 had 781 players, many of whom probably bitched about slow food service but who can deal with those numbers?

    Keep posting, keep cashing. Did you win in the cash game at the Commerce?

  3. I didnt go to Commerce I did tell Kelley that the results were not up and Greg was overwhelmed. I stayed home and did some honey do’s …Probably gonna be awhile before i get back down there Keep us posted steve!

  4. Steve says:

    I meant last time we were at the Commerce and you went on a rush in the NL game.

  5. Oh that night $360.00

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