Monday at the Bike

It’s a long way to go, for me anyway, to pick up some results for you  but that is why I spent my Monday evening at the Bike in Bell Gardens.Todays tournament was a $120 buy in with a $25k guarantee. It looks a close thing with about 200 seated and another two dozen in line. “The Deputy” Scott Diamond played after finishing a shift helping to make L.A. the safest big city in USA.

Yesterdays results for the two day tournie with a $100 buy in :

1) Patrick Brennan $31k
2) Stewart Lovelace $15.5k
3) Mikael Narveson $7.6k
4) Manual Armendariz $5.3k
5) Shawn McCoy $4.2k
6) Mike Hall $3k

Monday nights at the Bike sees the Petros + Mike show. One of the guys doesn’t need a mike to be heard throughout the casino floor.They have a poker tournie at 7pm with lots of giveaways. Tonight playing poker there could have been plus Ev if you could stand the noise. The cash game area was busy.

Yesterdays $50 tournie was won by Rosemeads Dong Xu a successful small buy in player.He won $11k.Robert Turner was 49th.

1) Dong Xu $11k
2) Jason Mangold $5.5k
3) R Constantine $2.7k
4)Sal Carillo $1.8k
5) Tommy Wong $1.5k
6) Chan Vu $1.1k
7) Shan Jina $900

The Big poker October runs until the 18th.

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