I play Dream Team at the Bike

I wasn’t too inspired watching the Dream Team Poker last week so I thought maybe if I played things would be different. First I had to win a two table KLAC satellite. Starting with just 800 in chips , the blinds were 100-200  after ten minutes so I had to adjust to that. A couple of the usual railbirds joined an otherwise easy looking line up. It was easy until we were four handed and one false move meant elimination .Anyway, I made it. I won two tickets to the Kings at the Staples Center, an entry into the Dream Team weekly tournament , which is every Monday around 7pm, at the Bike (Eastern@Florence) plus a red Dream Team vest.

The Dream Team is $67 per player.The prize pool is still a mystery to me but I suspect with a team prize as well as individual prizes plus the overheads for the Bike and the DreamTeam it would make Allen Kessler start a thread on 2+2!

The last time I played at the Bike I had Annie Duke to my left, who won the Media Event. Tonight, I had WPT Boot camp pro Alex Outhred. I have been running into Alex all over the city in his job as MC at charity events. I ordered my dinner tableside and adjusted my mind to the new structures. After the first break I had aces in both the bb and sb back to back. Better still I found some action.Even better the aces won. We had lost one team mate but my Israeli teammate was up to $55k. I wish I had contacted Sara Chau and Lizette Acoba about playing together .My friendly rival at pokerati DanM had a big score at the WSOP Dream Team and this was much softer.

Alex was a great neighbour, very knowledgable but with a life outside poker.He is opening a restaurant soon.

I lost a big pot with pocket tens when a queen hit the flop and someone pushed. I was getting an ace every hand but waited for the kicker to have a face. Sure enough my AQ ran into an AK and I left in 32 of 110.I guess the best hand does win sometimes. I can only play one more of the series which runs all the way through the football season.

If you live in L.A. and have Monday evenings free I recommend it. I have no idea who won the football game but if anyone wants a couple of Kings tickets let me know. (Scott Diamond if your charity wants them you have first refusal.)

If ex Laughlin rounder Tommy Vedes and Craig Crivello want to join me next Monday then they are welcome.Tommy won the WPT at the Bellagio to crown a really excellent six months and Craig won $449k for third which probably pays off his mortgage and a new handbag for Connie.

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  1. Thats a great picture of you Steve. Would love to have the tickets but our charity event is not until Feb 19th, can you use these tickets anytime? If so the donation would be very much appreciated. If not you should take lizzette to a game :)

  2. Steve says:

    The tickets are for the 7th or 18th Nov.I wouldn’t be so generous if it was Breeders Cup tickets. If you know a worthy recipitant let me know.

    Not sure if it is my slow schedule or my new 99c store razor blades but I agree it is a good photo.

  3. john says:

    Finally someone taking a pic of you instead of the other way around. Nice showing at least.

  4. Ok I will take them if they are not for the 7th, I will be in Vegas for the WSOP FT.Ty steve.,Ill get in touch with you.

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