First results are in from the Bike

Two L.A. residents are leading the pack in the Spade Club tournament at the Bellagio. With nine players remaining Jeff Clayton and Kwinsee Tran are first and second in the $500 buy in. Kwinsee won today collecting $29k.

Meanwhile at the Bike:

I visited the Bike on Sunday. They have added coffee to the room. The Asian floorpeople have risen to the top. Seemed to be working well this afternoon and with 95% of the dealers Asian I am sure it could work.Unless of course all the usual deadbeats just took today off :)

What a line for the $50 + $15 (lol) .All the tables were full, the lines went from the Cage to the Welcome Center and even cars lined Eastern trying to enter the casino lot. What people will do to avoid the Amazing Race.

Event #2 had just moved to the FT.The players were : Don Vogel,Mike Hall, Helen English, Jess Cornejo, Shawn McCoy, Marcos Saxon, Stewart Lovelace, Manuel Armendaiz + Pat Cullip.

$50 buy in Entries 1018

1) Angel Luna $14888
2) Tony Rochman
3) Fran Baltazar
4) Martin Bernal
5) Andres Gonzalez
6) Gene Wong
7) Chris Walker
8) Jozef Minaskan
9) Eliah Bryant

73) Vinny Vinh $100

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