Deeb in the lead.

The chip lead changed hands again today at the Bellagio with Commerce Invitational winner Freddie Deeb taking the lead .The final moves away from the Fontana into one of the ballrooms tomorrow afternoon. The public are welcome to attend .With the final being on a Monday I suspect they may even bribe you with some peanuts,pretzels and juice. If you are Asian and female go and say “Hi” to Thang O ,the Viet, in the luminous jacket.You will probably end up with a buffet comp .

Congrats to Craig Crivello who may or may not have worn his Pokergossip hat at the final table unless the Full Tilt hat comes lined with C notes.Sixth place is worth $169k anyway so I sure he would refuse the one day sponsorship.

1) Freddie Deeb $3.8m
2) Shawn Cunix $3.6m
3) Tommy Vedes $3m
4) Craig Crivello $2.6m
5) Jason Lavallee $2m
6) Jason Burt $1.4m

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  1. john says:

    congrats to Craig. He has got to be your #1 winner for players that check out your site. I am rooting for him. Dont forget his cute girlfriend too.

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