Camryn for children at the Commerce

Tournament players in L.A. had difficult choices to make today. A $100k guarantee at the Hustler with a $225 buy in, a $150k guarantee for a buy in of $335 at the Bike or the Commerces overlay $30k for $120. I would have taken the latter option , the smallest buy in , only four tables and a $10k first prize. Poker players egos don’t allow them to do the right play although nobody is going to get much fame or glory as I am the only reporter in town (unless Lizzette Acoba FT’s at the Bike) and I was,at the Commerce, for another event the “First Annual Camryn Manheim Celebrity tournie for the Childrens Institute.”

The only poker players there , Alex Outhred and Jamie Gold, were on the mikes MCing the event something that Alex is very good at. Some of the better celeb players were involved: Mimi Rogers, Cheryl Hines, Jose Canseco and Rikki Lake actually made the FT winning dinner for two at Lawrys and a gift basket from Coffee bean + tea leaf.

I must confess to having a little crush on Cheryl Hines!

The winner Tuc Watkins has appeared in “Desperate Housewifes”.His gay partner in the show also played pretty deep into the event. First prize was a seat in the WPT invitational and a signed felt or $5k cash. Other prizes : a computer, two SW roundtrip tickets, Canon digital camera, Croton watches, portable “carry oke” Karaoke machine and tickets to the Magic Castle.

Including proceeds from the silent auction over $60k was raised for the children.

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  1. Nope I wasn’t at the Bike… unfortunately my babysitter was called away on a family emergency at the last minute. :o(

    I’ll freeroll tomorrow. I wanted to go to Commerce too, but it is very hard for a pro to beat beginner’s luck. It is definitely better to be lucky rather than good!

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